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Our clear aligner treatment

Get the beautiful, healthy smile you have always wanted.

Smile Academy clear aligners technology gently moves your teeth

into the ideal position.

  • No metal wires or braces

  • Easily removable system

  • Nearly invisible plastic trays designed to gradually guide your teeth

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Am I a candidate?

Are you one of these?

I have permanent teeth (baby teeth are gone)

I have crooked teeth 

I have spaced teeth 

I do not possess the correct bite 

I suffer from overbite or underbite  issues

Am I a candidate?

Discover now

how simple it works!

How it works

Your dentist or orthodontist will take a 3D scan or impression of your teeth which will be used to create your perfect smile. 

  • Absolutely painless

  • Fast process (only takes a few minutes)

  • 3D scans are very accurate


Your treatment plan will then be designed using orthodontic software, defining each tooth movement and total duration. 


  • Use of the latest orthodontic technology

  • Designed by orthodontic specialists

  • 20,000+ treatment plans per year


Your dental practitioner will approve your treatment plan. The aligners will be then manufactured using state-of-the-art 3D printing and thermoforming technology.

  • 3D printing of your teeth

  • German biocompatible material


Your journey to a perfect smile begins. Depending on the complexity of the case, it usually takes between 4 – 12 months to gently straighten your teeth. 

  • Straighten teeth with confidence

  • Nearly invisible and easy to remove

Wonderful results

You will enjoy a

totally new smile

Quick results are expected

depending of your treatment plan.

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Result expectations

before / after


15 stages (30 weeks treatment)


20 stages (40 weeks treatment)

Mild crowding

17 stages (34 weeks treatment)

Midline correction

13 stages (26 weeks treatment)

Mild crowding

12 stages (24 weeks treatment)


15 stages (30 weeks treatment)

Moderate crowding

19 stages (38 weeks treatment)

Moderate corwding 

15 stages (30 weeks treatment)

Smile Academy 3D viewer examples

Before / after result expectations on lower arch. 25 stages / 50 weeks treatment

Before / after result expectations on front teeth. 25 stages / 50 weeks treatment

Before / after result expectations on upper arch. 25 stages / 50 weeks treatment

Before / after result expectations on side teeth. 25 stages / 50 weeks treatment



Your insurance might already covers part of the treatment!

*IPR or Interproximal Reduction is a technique used by dentists to mechanically file enamel between the teeth to create spacing.

**Attachment is a technique that consists in adding a composite material that is temporarily bonded to certain teeth to help move them with precision. Attachments might be necessary on moderate and complex teeth movements.

*** Cover depends on your insurance.

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